Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Since my birth, I have heard about Lady Diana and always admired her beauty and fame. I was always interested in her family picture with her two cute sons Prince William & Prince Harry since my childhood.

Prince William and Kate Middleton were in news for their royal wedding this month. People around the world were interested in what Middleton will wear for her wedding. Same with me, I was curious enough on how grand their wedding would be.

The day before their wedding, I wondered how the couple would feel on their wedding tomorrow. Following Prince William in Twitter gives latest updates on him as he quoted “One wants to live like common people, one wants to do whatever common people do..." The grass is always green on the other side. 
That night I searched Internet for the wedding news, the wedding is everywhere in Internet. This made me watch Lady Diana’s wedding in YouTube at my night.

The next day in my office, I almost forgot about the wedding on my sickness. Returned home early from office due to my sickness and forgot to watch the news about the wedding. Late in the evening, I forced myself from my bed to the internet, to have a glimpse of Middleton’s wedding gown.

On watching the wedding video of the bride’s ride from the hotel to the Westminster Abbey along with her father in a Rolls Royce, with hundreds of crowd is simply royal.

Today, their pictures and news were everywhere. Picked another news from Internet that the couple came out of the Buckingham Palace hours after their wedding in Aston Martin eco-car driven by Prince William. This is unusual to the royals and learnt it is the idea of the Prince and it was very cute. The car is owned by his father and it carried a learner's board in front and a board with JU5TWED.

This wedding is as grand and royal to the wedding of Lady Diana & Prince Charles. Surely, a wedding of the century.


Marc said...

Welcome back to the blog world!

PK2011.US said...

when is your royal wedding ???

Marc said...

LOL!! Hmm..that subject seems to be following me everywhere these days....