Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tourism outside your place

Woke up early and got ready to have the breakfast soon. All these were for just one reason - to enjoy the Allepey backwater ride in the houseboat. Long time dream of taking a cruise in a houseboat and enjoy the scenery along the backwaters. Stayed in a wonderful hotel on the shore of backwaters which forces you to take a motor boat whenever you feel like stepping out of the hotel.

Enjoying the morning scenery of the backwaters with coconut trees on the banks in the motor boat, during when a houseboat came near for us to switch to the houseboat for a wonderful ride. Enjoyed the entry to the houseboat and switched on the camera as the first thing like all tourists.

Banks of the backwater is filled up with nice concrete houses of the localities. It was around 9am in Allepey, also called as Alapuzzha in Kerala, meant for backwater cruises for tourists.

Pleasure to the eyes to watch the different kind of houses neatly painted with bright colours. The boat man took us through the village and pointed us to the small boats which belong to each houses for their daily commutation to the city via backwaters. Hundreds of houseboats thronged the backwaters in Allepey with tourists including Indians & foreigners which left the localities no different from their daily activities.

Could notice people coming out of their houses from their sleep and carry on with their daily activities like brushing the teeth, bathing, catching fishes and washing clothes in the banks of the backwater while the tourist enjoys the houses, activities of these people and numerous coconut trees.

Apparently, people travel across places in India & abroad from their home towns. People who actually go around places in their hometown with their cameras on, are very low. Considering the city I live in, I have not seen most of the tourist places for years and have very little collections of photographs of the city I live in.

Have you seen all the tourist places in the place you live in? How many of us have photographs of our town?

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Nice description Lakshmi :)