Monday, December 03, 2012

Gone are those days ...

Yes, gone are those days where there was a weekend spent at home and I used to wonder how to kill time.
I used to bug my mother on what can be done during holidays when I had nothing to do ... no home work, no assignments, no new lessons in school/college to revise, no household work allotted, ...

Nowadays, hardly I get such time having nothing to do and relax. Even if I relax, it was taken deliberately when work is piled up at personal front. There are multiple versions of "TO DO" list is created; one in office computer, one in personal laptop and one in my smart phone. Ufff ... even before a weekend comes, there is a list ready already for to be taken care. Some are to be accomplished soon, some has to be done but not immediately. This does not mean, I am not organised, it is just that there is something or the other to be taken care now and then.

Now I realize why people who passed out of college used to say enjoy your college days, who got married say enjoy your spinster life.

As and when you grow up, you have less time for yourself unless you take a break for your happiness. :-)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Books have an impact

After a long time, am writing now regarding the books that I read in the past few months. Suddenly, I started buying books which have become super hits or fellow bloggers who recommended. And have been buying/reading one in a month and must say it is totally relaxing and inspirational.

Most of the books that I have mentioned here are bought online, library and downloaded in smart phone.
It is a collection of fiction, management, self help books which I totally liked them all and enjoyed reading thoroughly.
I really like self help books which inspires and make me think from a different angle, even though it is hard to practice at day to day life; but strongly believe that sometime those hints pop up in your mind to practice.

After a dose of self help books, fiction with a nice light story will help to relax and enjoy reading and it does ... Yippe!

Here the list goes

1. The Immortals of Meluha
2. The Secrets of Nagas
3. The Undomestic Goddess
4. Advertising for Love
5. Just the way you are

Self Help
6. Who moved my cheese
7. The Monk who sold his Ferrari
8. The Greatness Guide
9. The Power of Now

I have not yet completed "The Power of Now" although it's been over a year since I bought. This book was recommended by a stranger in the book store when I was thinking of whether to buy this book or not. She said if you dont understand something in this book, read again, it is a great book.
This book is peculiar as the author himself suggests to pause reading and think about what was read in the earlier section and realize it. It does help and I feel you need to think and practice what the author says then and there to understand its importance. Maybe, thats the reason I have left it incomplete still.

Read them as per your taste and let me know which one did you like the most.

Eagerly waiting for the third book in Shiva Trilogy from Amish...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Toll free Road beautification

I was travelling in a bus on a beautiful morning in the toll free road feeling sleepy and the bus was waiting in the city (oops outskirts) traffic jam in the toll free road. With no air breezing on my face, happened to open my eyes and look at the beautiful flowers in the road dividers segment.

Surprised at those beautiful flowers in the middle of the road, I peeped outside my window to see if there are more. To my surprise, I could see as many plants of those flowers planted with buds and flowers blossomed. Thinking twice of should I take a picture with my mobile or not wondering what if the bus starts by the time I could click one, I picked my smartphone from my handbag and clicked at them when the whole bus travellers were sleeping. Well, the plants were planted on a stretch until the next traffic signal.

Are these plants and flowers are lucky or is it likely for the pedestrians to stamp on them while crossing(ummmmm jumping) off the dividers was the thought prevailing on my mind for a while because, I used to see plastic bottles, wrappers, garbage inbetween the plants in the dividers segment with people spitting on them.

Will these flowers prevent these human acts is the arising question, but someone who initiated has the optimistic answer!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Shops in wedding hall

Yessssss ... Recently I attended a wedding reception of my colleague and noticed a strange thing -- a pop corn shop and a cotton candy shop at the entrance(I mean inside the wedding hall premises). I asked my friend what's that ...she answered with no surprise that it is the trend and it comes with a contract package of the wedding arrangements.

What an IDEA!!!

Wedding reception attendees, kids all thronged near those shops as if they are in a cinema theatre.
The next day I attended another wedding reception and noticed a pop corn shop ....I was like WOW is the picture.

Wedding reception have become more than blessing and wishing the couple ... maybe an entertainment/outing activity for the weekend ... couples are selcting their wedding reception dates to fall on weekends so they can attract their close friends and colleagues to attend their function.

All in all, it was an entertainment for me on both these days with surprises.

Sunday, January 01, 2012


Wow!!! New Year 2012 with new freshness and enthusiasm prevailing in my heart and with new goals and resolutions listed in an Excel spreadsheet :-P. Never have I listed resolutions like that, this year with a list of resolutions on Family, Self improvement, work, soceity, etc. Hoping to fulfill everything as days pass by.

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and a successful New Year 2012.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Since my birth, I have heard about Lady Diana and always admired her beauty and fame. I was always interested in her family picture with her two cute sons Prince William & Prince Harry since my childhood.

Prince William and Kate Middleton were in news for their royal wedding this month. People around the world were interested in what Middleton will wear for her wedding. Same with me, I was curious enough on how grand their wedding would be.

The day before their wedding, I wondered how the couple would feel on their wedding tomorrow. Following Prince William in Twitter gives latest updates on him as he quoted “One wants to live like common people, one wants to do whatever common people do..." The grass is always green on the other side. 
That night I searched Internet for the wedding news, the wedding is everywhere in Internet. This made me watch Lady Diana’s wedding in YouTube at my night.

The next day in my office, I almost forgot about the wedding on my sickness. Returned home early from office due to my sickness and forgot to watch the news about the wedding. Late in the evening, I forced myself from my bed to the internet, to have a glimpse of Middleton’s wedding gown.

On watching the wedding video of the bride’s ride from the hotel to the Westminster Abbey along with her father in a Rolls Royce, with hundreds of crowd is simply royal.

Today, their pictures and news were everywhere. Picked another news from Internet that the couple came out of the Buckingham Palace hours after their wedding in Aston Martin eco-car driven by Prince William. This is unusual to the royals and learnt it is the idea of the Prince and it was very cute. The car is owned by his father and it carried a learner's board in front and a board with JU5TWED.

This wedding is as grand and royal to the wedding of Lady Diana & Prince Charles. Surely, a wedding of the century.

Tourism outside your place

Woke up early and got ready to have the breakfast soon. All these were for just one reason - to enjoy the Allepey backwater ride in the houseboat. Long time dream of taking a cruise in a houseboat and enjoy the scenery along the backwaters. Stayed in a wonderful hotel on the shore of backwaters which forces you to take a motor boat whenever you feel like stepping out of the hotel.

Enjoying the morning scenery of the backwaters with coconut trees on the banks in the motor boat, during when a houseboat came near for us to switch to the houseboat for a wonderful ride. Enjoyed the entry to the houseboat and switched on the camera as the first thing like all tourists.

Banks of the backwater is filled up with nice concrete houses of the localities. It was around 9am in Allepey, also called as Alapuzzha in Kerala, meant for backwater cruises for tourists.

Pleasure to the eyes to watch the different kind of houses neatly painted with bright colours. The boat man took us through the village and pointed us to the small boats which belong to each houses for their daily commutation to the city via backwaters. Hundreds of houseboats thronged the backwaters in Allepey with tourists including Indians & foreigners which left the localities no different from their daily activities.

Could notice people coming out of their houses from their sleep and carry on with their daily activities like brushing the teeth, bathing, catching fishes and washing clothes in the banks of the backwater while the tourist enjoys the houses, activities of these people and numerous coconut trees.

Apparently, people travel across places in India & abroad from their home towns. People who actually go around places in their hometown with their cameras on, are very low. Considering the city I live in, I have not seen most of the tourist places for years and have very little collections of photographs of the city I live in.

Have you seen all the tourist places in the place you live in? How many of us have photographs of our town?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Glorious Win

My eyes were drowsy after a heavy lunch on a weekend, but do not want to close my eyes as my thought was running over to switch on the television at 2:30PM. Never regularly followed the game the country loves after my school, but this particular cricket match is different.

It is the ICC World Cup 2011 finals with India vs Sri Lanka. Whole nation, media, Indian citizens across the world kept their fingers crossed to win the world cup this time.

Opened my eyes with a sudden thought judging it must be time to wake up to switch on the TV. Lazy to get up in a tiring sleep, looked at the watch and rushed towards the TV to know who won the toss. Little pessimistic over the toss with Lanka choosing to bat first.

Always not much interested to watch the other team bat, so opened my laptop and started browsing with a glance to the TV now and then for the score. With the Lankans struggling to get the ball to the boundary, started murmuring to get a wicket for every ball from the Indian bowlers.

My mother came after sometime during the end of the Srilanka batting and started following the score. We both were enjoying the match with the hope that Indian can get the score, that was when the Lankans screwed the hope of entire Indian fans in the last 5 overs with the high score of 275 to win.

All TV channels screwed the Indian captain of his decisions, making everyone worry about the world cup win. This drama glued everyone in front of the TV, giving way to hassle free traffic jams in the road, no crowd in the cinema halls and shopping malls.

Indians started playing with a great hope and power; disappointing the Indian crowd on the second ball to lose an important wicket, which might have made most of them to switch off the TV. :-) Another wicket on the crucial player shattered the hope of world cup at that point of time. I guess most of them would have started doing their own work to be away from following the score. My mother & I moved away from the television to carry on with our work but leaving it on for updates.

Neverthless, the captain sketched the true captaincy in the world cup with the glorious win which cannot be explained by words. It was around 11PM, before the last ball to win the second world cup for the nation, crackers bursted the sky with rocket, colors, noise in the neighbourhood. My mother screamed on the victory with the last sixer which made us run to the verandh to see the colorful sky with beautiful crackers bursting. The match made every individual shout with joy by becoming world champions.

Switched off the television after 9.5 hours and started to continue my sleep with the thought of the glorious win which I have seen after my birth.